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Best of Australia
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Sydney 2000 Olympics

Australia will be the host country for the upcoming international sporting event, the XXVII Olympics and XI Paralympics Games. Since winning the bid in 1993, Sydney has been hard at work constructing the world best sporting facilities, as well as new attractions such as the 760 hectare Sydney Olympic Park, a stadium with seating for 110,000 and the showground Exhibition Centre, which will accommodate the city beyond 2000. More new facilities will include the Sydney International Aquatic Centre and the Sydney International Athlete Centre, with the former accommodating up to 12,500 seating. An estimated total of 10,200 athletes and 5,100 officials from 200 countries are expected to take part in 28 sports. Joining them will be 15,000 media who will provide various forms of coverage for an estimated worldwide audience of 3.5 billion.

The Sydney Olympic logo, also known as the Millennium Athlete, forms a figure of an athlete with symbols and colors that are unique to Australia. The boomerangs and suggestions of sun and rocks together with the colors of the harbor beaches and the red of the desert evoke a landscape unique to Australia.

A wide range of tours are already available including the visits to existing facilities such as the Sydney Olympic Park, Bicentennial Park, State Sports Centre, International Aquatic Centre, and Athletic Centre. So far, the sale of tickets has already outstripped Atlanta's 1996 efforts.

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