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Special Interests


Bali is well-known as a paradise island located at the Pacific Ocean and is a perfect holiday destination for all ages. Some of the best surfing beaches in the world can be found on the western side of the island, whilst the eastern part of Bali is a wonderful haven for families, surrounded by picturesque beaches and gentle seas.

If you have always had a secret inclination to surf, here is your chance. Experience the thrill of surfing with qualified professional instructors on Bali's Kuta beach. The long, rolling waves and safe sandy bottom make Kuta beach a renowned surfing venue. Beginners will usually be given a two-hour group lesson in the swimming pool. Here you will be taught the basics of water safety, surfing etiquette and surfboard handling. After that, the lesson adjourns to the beach where another team of coaches will show you the finer points of surfing.


One of the fastest growing high adventure sports is skydiving. Rapidly gaining popularity in Bali, tandem skydiving is available to give you the adventure of a lifetime at 10,000 feet above ground. You will first be given a 30-minute introduction to the sport and a briefing on safety. Next, you will be fitted into a harness before boarding the aircraft. The plane will take about 20 minutes to climb to the required height whereby at this point you should be securely attached to the harness of your instructor. At the right moment, the Tandem Master will signal you to jump out of the aircraft and you will instantly be hit by the thrilling sensation of free-falling! When you've reached 4,000 feet, the Tandem Master will pull the rip cord to open the main parachute, pulling you up from an amazing 180 km per hour to a steady 20 km per hour. You will get to see Bali at an unbelievable bird's eye view. The instructor will then regain control at about 500 feet above ground for a smoother landing. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Elephant Safari Park

Do not leave Bali without visiting the Elephant Safari Park, which is situated in the cool jungle of Desa Taro, 20 minutes north from Ubud. This nature park offers you the priceless chance to feed, touch, and interact with these wonderful creatures that are set in an exotic, landscaped environment. Elephants can be seen immersing themselves in the cool waters of the park or grazing peacefully. Elephant Safari ride tours are also available where you will sit atop an elephant in a traditional teak wood chair, while swaying through the refreshing jungle of Desa Taro.

Bali Bird Park

Bird-watching enthusiasts, good news for you! You will be able to catch sight of the world's rarest and most captivating feathered friends at Bali's Bird Park. Hundreds of species dwell within this scenic and fascinating park, enthralling you with their brilliant colors and rarity. Indonesian parrots, cassowaries, black palm cockatoos, hornbills, and an impressive collection of Birds of Paradise will delight you. Apart from these exciting creatures, the extraordinary komodo dragons also make their home here. Set in magnificent botanical gardens with a backdrop of ponds and waterfalls, the Bali Bird Park is the perfect environment to enjoy the glorious myriad of birdlife as well as nature.

Jungle Trekking

Explore and discover Bali's glorious flora and fauna via the nature reserve of Mount Batukaru in an 'off-beaten' track adventure that will lead you into the cool surroundings of a tropical rainforest. You will be introduced to the hidden world of Bali's wildlife and native plants, as you pass by ancient strangler trees, ferns, wild orchids and hanging lianas - the home of many species of tropical birds and animals. Stop awhile for a reviving picnic lunch by a clear mountain stream and savor the crisp mountain air before continuing your journey to the archaic temple of Batukaru.

Rice Paddy Trek

Follow the farmers' tracks through Carang Sari's emerald-green paddy fields to catch a piece of traditional rural life that has remained unchanged for a thousand years. Skirting the Ayung River valley, you will have the chance to observe the timeless routine of plowing, planting and harvesting using hand-crafted tools and primitive techniques. Do not forget to visit village temples, coconut, mango and jackfruit plantations, all set in a background of unspoiled Balinese countryside.

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