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Fast changing capital of China

Beijing (North City) being the capital of China, is well known as a political, cultural and international exchange center. Their best historical resources, 12 million populations, a history of 3,000 years and the biggest number of relics and cultural attractions has made them one of the hottest tourist destinations.

For the past three years the tremendous changes make Beijing very impressive. The city was once the imperial capital for kings and khans, then proclaimed the capital again when Mao Zedong founded the People's Republic in Tiananmen Square on October 1, 1949.The current changes made are more than cosmetic.

In the heart of the city lies The Wangfujing Street (literally Royal Well Street) name after the ancient well, which was rediscovered in 1998 during renovations, had been hidden for more than 70 years. This place was once scruffy with pothole pavements and packed with fume-belching cars and trucks. It's now a gleaming retail boulevard! The new Sun Dong An Arcade is a jumbo multi-stories-shopping arcade, packed with luxury designer labels. The traditional Chinese medicine shops, tea emporiums, bookstores and state-run Friendship Stores were fully renovated.

Shopping Boulevard

From the start of this new millennium, vigilant traffic police had stopped all private transport and only public buses are allow to drive through the heart of the 700-year old landmark. Pedestrians can stroll leisurely and admire the bronze sculptures or sit at pavement cafes.

Apart from being a historical city, this place serves mouthwatering and "yummy" Chinese cuisine. Dining options are affordable and varied. Noodles and stuffed buns, favorite snacks for the Northern Chinese and familiar western logos of Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Parks'n Shop are place in juxtaposition. Food court concepts are now common in new shopping arcades. While you eat, you can watch indoor activities like rock-climbing, roller-skating and swimming.

The subway is slick, swift, safe and cheap, with fixed fees of 40 cents for the circular route (hitting all the major Chinese and English tourist locations) and 30 cents going east to west. Nowadays, signage in Chinese and English can be seen through out the city.

Planning a short sightseeing vacation in Beijing? Try hopping into a cab, as it is one of the most economical and convenient ways to travel.

Beijing, with so many attractions within a city is a place that you would definitely enjoy visiting. More on Beijing...

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