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Hakka Restaurant
By George

The décor at Hakka Restaurant, Bangsar is simple enough, typical of most Chinese restaurants. Round tables dot the spacious hall with its lofty ceiling while intimate function rooms border the sides of the hall. The atmosphere is relaxed yet engaging. Lighting is bright but not to the extent of being sickeningly glaring. With 6 chefs and over 50 staff on hand to cater to your needs, I would definitely recommend Hakka Restaurant, Bangsar, recipient of the national Fair Price Award and suitable for Muslim customers, for your next culinary outing. Group discounts are available as well as free karaoke.

Part of the atmosphere and charm of this place comes with the personal service that it offers- The Director of Hakka Restaurants himself, Danny Chong. Chong prides himself on providing that personal touch by being there almost all the time and keeping a tight rein on the quality of both the food and the service.

The Hakka Restaurants had their humble origins in the sleepy town of Ipoh almost half a century ago (or 50 years if you wish, but half a century sounds like it has so much more character, don’t you think?) Eventually, Danny’s father brought his flourishing canteen business to the capital and opened up at Bukit Bintang Park. Hakka Restaurants are still pretty much a family affair. Some of the staff have been with the restaurants from day one. Talk about employee loyalty. The chief chef is Danny’s brother and between the two of them, Hakka Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur and Bangsar, have been setting Hakka culinary standards in Malaysia that leave all others behind.

We sampled Danny’s personal recommendations and if I had to pick a favorite it would be the “Crab Vermicelli”. We were told by Danny that this is their flagship dish although definitely not the only dish you should try. This specialty is baked, fried and then simmered and takes at least 30 minutes to prepare. I found it mildly spicy and definitely suited to the local tastebuds. I recommend ‘shoveling’ it down while it’s steaming hot.

We were also delighted by the light “Deep Fried Squid with Oat flakes”. This dish is more of a snack in nature, almost like prawn crisps, and can be taken throughout the meal as a sweet counterbalance to the spicier dishes and as a perfect social entrée.

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