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Love Hotels
By Audrey

Japan is undoubtedly a high-tech country in every sense. Any problem can be solved with a technological solution, EVEN for people in need of a ‘quickie’!

One need not resort to cheap, dirty rooms, embarrassing confrontations, and the fear of getting caught by one’s spouse(s) or family members. There is no need to see stained or threadbare walls, or listen to the sounds of squeaky beds and grunts coming from the next room. Not in Japan, that is. Its technological advancement covers even this aspect of their daily lives. Their solution to this ‘problem’ lies in the multibillion-dollar "love hotel" industry.

It is not that difficult to locate love hotels. Some even sport remarkably gaudy façade that are hard to miss. However, they are meant for the private affairs of each couple. You can drive into the parking lot without creating a scene. The entrances to these parking lots are covered with long cloth fringes to foil prying eyes. Various types of pull-down or clip-on devices for covering car license plates are also available. After all, a jealous spouse may just take a cruise around the lot in search of your car. Rest assured though, your privacy is secure; no one would even know you visited.

In terms of privacy, the most impressive ‘act’ is probably the ability to check in and out without interacting with anyone. Each love hotel has more or less the same check-in procedures. Here is an example of one, just in case you ‘need’ to use the place on your next visit to Japan.

1. Check to see if the rooms are available. An electronic screen will tell you the number of rooms that are vacant.
2. Choose the one you like and make your way towards the room.
3. At the entrance, insert money (Yen notes) into a computerized lock (Estimated cost is USD$30 an hour).
4. The door would then open and that room number would disappear from the screen at the entrance.
5. You should now be safely inside the room!

The interior of the room is equally high-tech, as befitting any Japanese worth his salt. They come equipped with electronic facilities, such as a wide screen video karaoke that has a fully remote-controlled sound system with dozens of music channels and a wide screen TV that features soft porn. Some rooms even offer noises like gongs, crowing roosters, and whatever that turns you on. Creative soundtracks, such as the “train station soundtrack”, are available to help counter the boss/spouse when you call to say that you will be late.

When your rendezvous is over, maids will electronically be summoned by the computerized door lock to thoroughly clean and sanitize the room. Five minutes later, the same room is ready for the next couple.

Love hotels also make enjoyable stay over experiences. Between the options “Rest” or “Stay” during check-in, select “Rest” for a quickie and “Stay” for an overnight experience.

Happy adventuring!

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