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On the Road with Rupert
Rupert at the WOMAD
- Deuxieme Partie (I)

The Introduction

And someone said, “Let there be light.”

And then the partygoers came out and said, “Those look like party lights. Let’s dance.”

“On the grass?” asks someone with a slight hesitancy.

“Mais pourquoi non? Why not?”

And there wasn’t an answer. So they danced. Or they sat around taking in the herbal scent of crushed grass and sweated buckets in the muggy weather. In the light of the rising stars and through the parade of words, some real and others make-believe, they listened as a collage of French, Spanish, English and Arabic lyrics poured from the lips of Denis Péan and his exotic tribe, Lo’Jo.

Born of Angers along the banks of the Loire in the veritable dreamscape of orchards and vineyards of this valley, Lo’Jo is a human potpourri which takes an unconventional approach to their music. This is Gestalt psychology in rudimentary form. Each member of the band brings their own threads of music and life influences and these individual threads are woven together into a tapestry that has been displayed in over 400 concerts in France and worldwide.

Lo’Jo stepped up onto the Fort Green stage to almost muted applause. Many were unsure of what to expect from the motley group and you could see the expectant looks all around as the clapping petered out. The crowd collectively drew a breath and waited. Which is quite unfortunate, in retrospect, considering how exceptional Lo’Jo are and that they have been around since 1982 when Denis Péan put together the prototype. After a decade of wandering the music wilderness and evolving a style that is wholly their own, Lo’Jo signed to FNAC Music only to be left high and dry when the music label crashed spectacularly in 1994. Five years on and the tribe has remained as fresh as it was when it first started out. They had even released an album titled ‘Mojo Radio’ early last year.

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