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The Lion Dance

This is an entertaining dance, which has evolved from an old folk dance in China. It has now been cleverly adapted by the acrobats to become a very popular number with the audience. There are currently two types of lions for this engaging dance - the big lion, played by two acrobats and the small lion, handled by only one person. The acrobats have to perform a myriad of movements of the lion, which include rolling, jumping, running, lying down, as well as portraying the creature's strength and agility. They would have to show the lion's comical and playful side, and even its sad, downcast expressions. This attractive dance is always accompanied by the rhythmic Chinese traditional percussion instruments and provides an exuberant and festive atmosphere.

Cycling Feats

Unbelievable feats are performed using the humble unicycle and bicycle. The acrobats are experts in handling and maneuvering these vehicles and will make you hold your breath with their adroitness and amazing dexterity. They are able to display a variety of postures on the bicycles and the finale is usually a grand one, with the sensational tableau of a peacock fanning its feathers.

Tight-Wire Feats

Known as 'Rope Walking' in ancient China, this act is a traditional number that has been vividly recorded in the Han Dynasty two thousand years ago. Nowadays, this performance is executed on a wire instead of a rope - an innovation imparting vigor and skills. Somersaults are basic acrobatic skills, which the acrobats carry out with such deftness and flair that you would think that they were born riding a bicycle.

Diabolo Skills

A conventional Chinese sport, diabolo is played during festivals to express jubilation and is thus permeated with a strong national flavor. The performers will spin the diabolo rapidly, twirling it round their body, throwing it up or passing it to another acrobat with exceptional grace and expertise. While spinning the diabolo, the acrobat will also contort into different postures to add a tinge of challenge and intrigue to the performance.

Traditional Conjuring

Traditional conjuring is a uniquely Chinese magic show that is performed only with a long cape and a few pieces of cloth. Armed with these simple articles, the conjurer is able to produce large and small glass bowls filled with water and live fish, and even braziers with burning fires. What is amazing is that the cape never gets wet or burned when the conjurer is executing his tricks. A great hit with the children.

Hoop Diving

The acrobats performing this feat will enthrall you with their grace and agility. It was known as 'Swallow Play' more than two thousand years ago, as the performers imitated the flying movements of swallows while leaping nimbly through the narrow rings or hoops. This act is a demonstration of youthful vitality and breathtaking suppleness.

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