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What to Buy l Where to Shop

Hong Kong has the reputation of being every shopper's paradise. From morning until late at night, shopping malls are open and filled with avid shopaholics. Being a popular international port, Hong Kong is always abreast with the ever-changing fashion and trends. The latest trends are, more often than not, indirectly displayed by the stylish Hong Kong people on the city streets. The region boasts a remarkable range of international department stores offering up-to-the-minute designer styles and off-the-peg fashions. Most of these department stores are strategically located in the same vicinity, thus enabling shoppers to find what they are looking for easily and quickly at a reasonable price.

Shopping Advice

When shopping in Hong Kong, do not get carried away by the varieties offered and buy impulsively. There are numerous stores that sell almost the same products, but at different prices. A smart shopper should always keep these two things in mind:
1. Look around to compare prices before making a decision to buy, especially for expensive products.
2. Always deal with reputable establishments, such as members of the Hong Kong Tourist Association (identifiable by the logo of a red junk displayed on the premises).

Shoppers should be wary when purchasing goods that come with guarantees. This applies mainly to electrical goods. Make sure you get an international guarantee and not just a local Hong Kong guarantee. Cheap electrical goods may not necessarily come with a guarantee. Usually, local retailers will not take responsibility for faulty goods; instead, shoppers may just have to return them to the manufacturer for repairs.

Shoppers should always be more cautious when shopping in Hong Kong, as some retailers may attempt to cheat a guileless tourist. However, the situation has been brought under stricter control now, but it is always better to be more cautious. Should you encounter any problems, do contact the HKTA or Consumer Council at 2929 6111. These centers offer assistance to dissatisfied consumers. Another alternative would be to call the police, especially in cases where cheating was involved.

Bargaining is a popular method of shopping in Hong Kong. However, most department stores and retailers do not practice bargaining, but they will often slash their prices during sales to attract customers. Sometimes one's method of payment, such as cash, may even bring about a slight discount. On the other hand, it is especially beneficial to have good bargaining abilities at night markets. Although markets allows you to boast your bargaining skills, it is good to remember that products sold at these markets do not come with proper guarantees, as they are sold at a much cheaper rate than in stores. A risk will incur as purchases are non-returnable.

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