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Events & Festivals 2001

Peace & harmony Festival
(January 1, 2001; Inchon International Airport, P'anmunjom, and Kumgangsan Cruiser)

With the dawn of the new millennium, we celebrate Visit Korea Year 2001 and the opening of Inchon International Airport wishing peace and harmony among all people. World-famous figures will be invited for a celebration and a sunrise festival throughout the nation.

Welcoming Celebration Korea 2001
(All year long: Inchon, Kimpo, Kimhae and Cheju International Airport)

As a welcome celebration on the occasion of Visit Korea year 2001, the first passenger and the first pilot to arrive at each airport will be given a special surprise party. "Visit Korea year 2001 Lotteries" will await all foreign visitor with lucky drawings year-round.

World Sori (Sound of Music) Festival
(October: Chonju, Chollabuk-do)

Chonju is the birthplace of p'ansori. During its long history, the city has produced many outstanding masters. chonku is also known for having developed various other types of traditional music including farmers' percussion performance. In 2001 it will begin an annual hosting of a variety of world traditional music events showcasing music from all over the world.

World Food Festival
(October 2001: Kwangju and Naganupsong Folk Village, Chollanam-do)

Chollanam-do, the abundant southwestern area of Korea, has long been famous for its excellent cuisine. Kwangju Kimchi Festival and Namdo Food Festival have been held every year. In Visit Korea Year 2001, the nation's food festival and World Food Festival will be held in Kwangju. Taste Korean specialties and top cuisine from around the world.

World Ceramic Expo
(Aug 10 - Oct 28, 2001: Ichon, Yoju and Kwanju, Kyonggi-do)

Ichon, Yoju and Kwangju in Kyonggi-do make up Korea's ceramic belt. An international traditional china and sculpture exhibition will be held as well as tea ceremony events for Korea, China and Japan. Take the opportunity to make your own porcelain or celadon, appreciate some of the world's best ceramic art, and find great bargains.

World Film and Music Festival
(September 2001: Pusan and Kyongsangnam-do)

A total audio and visual festival including the Pusan Film Festival, World Pop Song Festival and World Music Exposition. The event will facilitate the exchange of world culture including music and art.

World Taekwondo Festival
(August 2001: Ch'ungju, Ch'ungch'ongbuk-do)

Taekwondo originated in Korea is now practiced around the world. It has received official sanction as an international sport event by being selected as a medal event in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Ch'ungju will host the word's biggest taekwondo festival. See Some of the most, impressive traditional traditional martial arts skills ever demonstrated.

World Festival for Islands Culture
(July to August 2001: Chejudo Island)

An opportunity to meet the people the people from fifty islands around the world. Demonstrations will held on the art, culture and traditions of each island. There will also be events such as Ironman Triathlon Asia Cheju, Marine Leisure Sports Festival, and Summer Band Festival.

Fun ski & Snow Festival
(December 2000 to March 2001: Kangwon-do and Chollabuk-do)

Ski and snow festivals are slated in Taegwallyong Pass, Mt. Hallasan, Mt. T'aebaeksan, Yong Pyong Ski Resort, Muju ski Resort, and Alps Ski Resort. Snow sculpting, amateur skiing contests, skiing lessons, etc., will be featured in the ski resorts. During the winter season there is a special train ride "the Snow Flower Special" along magnificent snowcapped mountains and frozen rivers, snow-flower trees and incomparable multi-bladed rock formations.

International Fashion and Shopping Festival
(April: Taegu)

Unique traditional medicine market, the Taegu Textile Show, and Korea Grand Sale will offer significant savings as well as shopping enjoyment. To this festival are invited new distributors such as specialized fashion shops, discount shops, mail order companies, purchasing offices and overseas fashion buyers. Here small and medium-sized fashion companies from Korea will seek to expend their markets through introducing new fashion products.

2002 World Cup

As the World Cup again approaches, world soccer fans are heating up. The 2002 World Cup will be co-hosted by Korea and Japan in ten cities throughout Korea and ten cities in Japan during the month of June. And we are looking forward to a valuable opportunity to make harmony not only between out two countries but also among world citizens through the productive competition and friendship that will be realized in the games in the year 2002. We believe our visitors will appreciate precious moments enjoying the unique culture and hospitality of Korean people as well as basking in friendship with people from every corner of world. Info >>

2002 Asian Games in Pusan
(September 20 to October 14)

2002 Asian Games, the sports event set up for everlasting peace and harmony of 4 billion Asians, is to be staged in Pusan under the motto of "Hope and leap for New Asia." The biggest Asian sports festival will remind all Asians of the Olympic ideal for more prosperous and peaceful world, and the citizens of Pusan are doing their best to realize this goal. Info >>

50th Anniversary of the Korean War
(2000 to 2003)

From 2000, the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, to 2003, the 50th anniversary of armistice, Korean War veterans and their families will receive discounted airfare and hotel rates. The veterans will be able to visit the Blue House, pay their respects at the National Cemetery, visit battle sites and march in a parade through peace will be held at P'anmunjom, Imjin-gak and the DMZ, symbols of division, showing Korean tour packages in areas of national security, culture, ecology, religion, leisure and sports will developed.



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