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Special Interests


If you fancy a game of squash you can contact the following hotels:

  Hyatt Regency Macau
  Mandarin Oriental Macau
  New Century Hotel
  Ritz Hotel
  Westin Resort
  Centro Desportivo da Vitória


Pools are available at the following hotels:

  Grandeur - for guests only.
  Holiday Inn - for guests and members only.
  Hyatt Regency Macau - for guests and members only.
  Lisboa - for guests and outsiders. Non-guests can also rent a cabana for 150 patacas for up to four people.
  Mandarin Oriental - for guests and members only.
  New Century - for guests and members only.
  Pousada de São Tiago - for guests only.
  Pousada de Coloane - for guests only.
  Ritz - for guests only.
  Royal - for guests and members only (this is an indoor pool and water is heated in cold weather).
  Westin Resort - for guests and members only.

There are also 2 public swimming pools and other swimming facilities in the parks.


Cheoc Van and Hac Sa beaches on the island of Coloane are popular venues for windsurfing enthusiasts.


Coloane Park offers visitors its new 1,200-meter track for go-karting activities.

Bowling & Ice Rink

Those interested can visit the Future Bright Amusement Centre, which is located next to the Camões Garden. The bowling alley is open from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. whereas the ice rink opens from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. This center also features a children's playground, video games room, snooker club, and food court.




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