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Bush Tucker

Restaurants these days also serve 'bush tucker' dishes, which are essentially native cuisine using native ingredients such as local fruits and meat prepared the bush style. Try 'damper', which is a flour and water mixture cooked in campfire coals to make bread or the billy tea, which is tea boiled in a billy can. You can also try the new and more innovative dish called 'Anaboroo, Mango and Burrawong Soup', which is a blend of three foods from the Northern Territory namely water buffalo roasted in an elastic net to keep the high water-content meat intact, the tropical mango, and burrawong, a native nut.

Aborigines have been using the same ingredients for 50,000 years. However, the Europeans first tasted many Aboriginal recipes only in the earliest colonial days. Until the early 1990s, the only native food plant harvested commercially was the macadamia nut. Today it is known that out of Australia's 20,000 plant species, some 20 percent are edible. Additionally, a vast untapped reserve of native flora has turned up on menus including riberries, bunya nuts, wild rosellas, Kakadu plums, lilipili, and bush tomatoes. New herbs include native pepperleaf, aniseed myrtle and wattle seed. The sale of kangaroo meat was only legalized recently and has become extremely popular because of it low fat content. Along with crocodile, possum and emu, the list of new ingredients includes baby eels, freshwater yabbies, and witchetty grubs.



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