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English is the Australian language and the main language. However, some of the English vocabulary may not be familiar. The Australian special words and phrases are known as the "Strine". Check out the following strines :

Barbie = Barbecue

Roo = Kangaroo

Mozzie = Mosquito Chook = Chicken
Bludger = Lazy Maccas = McDonalds
Lollie = Candy Thongs = Slippers
Grog = Booze Dag = Nerd
Bikie = Motorcyclist Tellie = Television

Australian culture is a unique blend of many distinctive cultures. The population is made up of a harmonious blend of Aborigines, Australians, Europeans, Asians, Torres Straits Islanders, as well as Middle Easterners. Each and every one of them contribute their unique heritage and culture to make the Australian nation a rich and colorful one.

Australia's multicultural policy rests on three main principles, namely the right to cultural identity, the value of social justice, and the interest in economic efficiency. To this end, the policy contributes to the recognition of one of the most successful nations in building a tolerant, inclusive, and culturally diverse society.

Australia is also well known for its artistic heritage and a resounding contemporary art environment. Aboriginal rock carvings and paintings date back to at least 30,000 years. Modern Aboriginal art has undergone a revival in the last decade as Aboriginal artists have explored ways to both preserve their ancient values and share them with a wider community. Apart from paintings, the Aboriginal music and performing arts is also the center of attraction for many tourists and locals. The mixture of exotic music and dances captures the fascination of people and is definitely a memorable experience.

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