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Popular Places
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Adelaide l The Southeast Coastline

South Australia - Adelaide Back

Central Market

The Central Market has been serving Adelaide for 120 years with dazzling arrays of fresh food from fruit and vegetables to gourmet specialties, meats, small goods, and cheeses. In recent years, small stands selling a great variety of goods, such as clothing, books, jewelry, household items, handcrafts, novelties, children's lines, footwear, watches, calculators and bric-a-brac, have joined the market thus adding more variety and color to the market. However, the market is still best known for its fresh food.

Adelaide's multicultural society is reflected in Central Market from the diversity of produce available. Asian shops now rest beside older European-style butchers and delicatessens, and part of the area has become Adelaide's own little China Town. Exotic fruits come in daily from all parts of the continent, while locally grown produce are available for sale within a few hours after being picked. Tea comes from various countries around the world, while coffee can be ground and mixed on the spot to match anyone's palate. Additionally, there are dozens of restaurants and cafes where local food is adapted to various international cuisine.

National Aboriginal Cultural Institute - Tandanya

The Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute provides a unique opportunity for visitors to experience living Aboriginal culture in their present context. This institute features indigenous art galleries, workshops and performance areas. It also has a café and a gift shop selling Aboriginal crafts.

The Tandanya Gallery presents an ongoing program of innovative and exciting exhibitions of Aboriginal art, be it contemporary or traditional. Tandanya has established itself as one of Australia's a most influential and progressive exhibitor of Aboriginal art.

Tandanya is the name given for the Adelaide city area by the Kaurna (pronounced 'Garna') people who are the original inhabitants of the Adelaide Plains. 'Tarnda' means 'red kangaroo' and 'angka' means 'the place of'. Hence, Tandanya means 'The Place of the Red Kangaroo' in the language of the Kaurna people.

Ayers House

Home to Sir Henry Ayers, a prominent 19th Century business and political figure in South Australia and premier on a number of occasions, Ayers House is one of the best examples of colonial Regency architecture in Australia. Designed by former Deputy Surveyor-General George Kingston and built over a period of 20 years, it is a splendid, almost symmetrical house, with an upper floor and basement. The original house was quite simple but was expanded over the years with the growing status and wealth of its owner.

The house was used for parliamentary dinners and grand balls, which were glittering highlights of the social calendar. After World War I, the house fell to hard times. But since the early 1970's, Ayers Historic House has been occupied by the National Trust of South Australia. The house now incorporates two restaurants and open to the public is the oldest section, which houses a fine collection of Victorian furniture, furnishings, memorabilia and art.

St. Peter's Anglican Cathedral

This grand neo-gothic style Cathedral started construction in 1869 and was completed in 1904. Both towers and spires were added and consecrated later. This Cathedral also has the finest and heaviest ring of 8 bells in the Southern Hemisphere. Distinguished features include late Victorian decoration, fine woodcarving, and colorful stained glass windows.

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