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Be A Man!
by Audrey Goh

Off to the Site - 10 of us were at Rotorua when someone in the group suggested that we pop over to Taupo to view the famous bungy jump site. Taupo Bungy is located at 202 Spa Road, Taupo, which is about 5 minutes drive from Taupo’s town center. If you are coming from Auckland, it would take approximately 3 hours. But from where we were, we took a leisurely 1-hour drive south of Rotorua to reach the infamous location.

What a Beautiful World - Set against cliff-tops high above the crystal clear waters of the Waikato River, Taupo Bungy is one of New Zealand’s most spectacular bungy sites. Even if you are not into bungy jumping, you would enjoy the scenic backdrop and breathtaking views all the same. That particular day was a beautiful day with skies so clear you thought you could see the heavens. It was miles and miles of awesome view from atop that cliff.

Walk the Plank - Taupo Bungy utilizes a world’s first purpose built cantilever bungy platform that projects 20 meters out from the cliff top. The height of the jump is 47 meters (154 ft) with the river depth below 7 - 9 meters. Well, the 154 feet sure did look like 1540 feet to me. Especially when you are standing at the edge of it.

No Worries! - Oh yeah, the Taupo Bungy jump is really very safe, having performed in excess of 90,000 jumps since commencement. It holds the coveted Safety Mark (the New Zealand/Australia Safety Standard for Bungy Jumping) and gained a worldwide reputation for safety standards and professionalism. Their crews are highly trained and you even get to choose between solo jumps and tandem jumps. They also specialized in ‘water touches’.

10 of us - 1 human, 9 chickens. Finally, the opportunity to fly like Superman is here. Flying like the Man of Steel is cool, but with nerves of melted steel, 9 out of 10 chickened-out at the 11th hour. Yep… we stood there, frozen, clutching at each other. It was an embarrassing moment. My knees felt wobbly, I thought I was going to faint.

Superman - Yes! One brave dude amongst us. Check out his picture here, smiling away before the jump. It was great! It was marvelous! Stretching his arms wide, he leaped off the platform and screamed all the way down. His sweater flopped over his shoulders and we were watching his bare midriff swinging in midair … (keekeekeekee!). Seconds later, it was all over. Gently and slowly, they lowered my friend to a boat waiting to ‘rescue’ these ‘shocked beyond words’, ‘white faced’ disheveled looking people. His return walk to the cliff top took an eternity. I bet his legs were particularly wobbly.

Shame, shame… - As for the rest of us, we each bought this marvelous T-shirt that says, “Almost Did It!” Well, of course the hero got a pat on the back and high praises from the group. That vain-pot even got his jump shot on video. Sheesh…

Note: The Taupo Bungy is opened daily (except on Christmas Day).

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