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On the Road with Rupert
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Kia Ora from New Zealand
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• Rangitoto Island
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Geography, History, Weather


Climate, Economy, Geography, Government, History, Language, People, Religion

  Hong Kong

Economy, Geography, Government, History, People, Religion

It was believed that during the earliest prehistoric periods, from the close of the fourth millennium BC, Hong Kong experienced a change in the environment, in which the sea levels rose from as much as 100 meters below the present level.




  New Zealand

Economy, General, Geography, Government, History

Maori LifeHistory
The ancestors of today's Maori had once lived in 'iwi' (tribes) based on kin networks and adapted well to the environment. By 1200, both the North and South Islands were prospective settlement areas.

Geography, History, People, Politic


Flora & Fauna, Geography, History, Population


General, Political System, Religion


Economy, Geography, Government, Language, People

The Japanese parliament came into existence in 1980 by virtue of the Meiji Constitution. Called the Imperial Diet, it consisted of two houses: the House of Peers and the House of Representatives.

Geography, Government, History, People

Macau is derived from the name of a Chinese goddess, known as A-Má or Ling Má, and is popular with seafarers and fishermen. When Portuguese sailors landed and asked the name of the place, the natives replied A-Ma-Gao (Bay of A Ma).

Geography, History, Economy


Economy, Geography, Government, History, Language, People, Religion


Economy, Geography, Government, History, People, Religion

Flaunting more than 150,000 members, Ami, the largest ethnic group, populates the scenic mountains and valleys near Hualien on the east coast.

Economy, Geography, History, Miscellaneous, People, Religion

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