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Lost In Singapore
by Audrey Goh

Now, this is most strange! Of all places in the world, I could actually get lost in Singapore.
“Yeah, you heard right the first time round.”
“Singapore with its highly efficient road signs and directional signage?”
“Yes to that too!”

Actually, blame it on the guy. The driver that is. My boyfriend lah…who else? We didn’t plan a shopping weekend or whatsoever. We were in Singapore for one reason. To pick someone up at a certain place and leave! We crossed the Causeway at 11 a.m. and got on the PIE Highway as instructed. And you wouldn’t believe this. We circled PIE twice before realizing that we had past the road before. Oops!

Finally, we decided to get off the PIE and head on down to some road (I can’t remember the name). One hour past by. After several rounds of nagging, the guy decided to make a phone call. Then we realized, no Singapore dollars or coins with us. Oh great! It took us another one hour to locate a moneychanger; half an hour to locate a public phone that accepts something called coins instead of prepaid cards and another 15 minutes to get fresh directions.

“Jurong? You’re at Jurong now? OK OK!”

All right! We are finally getting somewhere, or so I thought. Jurong…Jurong…that wouldn’t be very difficult. Another hour dragged by. I ignored the guy. Let him figure out the directions himself. Yawn…and before I’d even tried counting sheep, I was asleep.

A sudden jolt awakened me. Where was I? Darn. Two hours had gone by and we were still hopelessly lost.

“Make that phone call will ya?” I asked.
“I did! I did!”
“And?” The tone of my voice went dangerously up a notched!
“He told us to wait at a petrol station in Jurong, said he’ll meet us there.”
“Oh, I see. And which petrol station would that be, by the way?”

Aha…I knew it! Guys have this thing against asking for instructions. I wonder why. Fuming away, I stoically ignored him…! I won’t say another word to him now or ever. We can sleep in the car in SINGAPORE if we can’t find that #*$()#*$% petrol station!

Finally, after almost 3 hours of fruitless search, we found it. Yes! THE petrol station. THE right one, mind you! What a torturous experience, how horrible, how tiring, and how…how…ahh…never mind. I don’t want to be reminded of it again!

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