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Surferís Heaven
By David.K.Martell
Mont Kiara International School

Welcome to the tourist paradise of South East Asia. Shopping, water sports and relaxation, are some activities that makes Bali the place to go. It is not overcrowded and it is easy to get to hotels. Bali is not only a tourist paradise, itís also a surferís heaven where you can catch some great waves! Be prepared to be astonished by Baliís beauty.

People travel to Bali either by plane or by ferry. The plane ride takes 3 hours excluding the 2hours stop in Singapore. The first sight of Bali would be the Ngurah Rai Airport. The airfare to the capital Den Pasar is approximately RM2,500. There are copious ferries travelling frequently to Bali. Therefore, getting to Bali is not a problem. What is there to do when you arrive there?

Well, there are a lot of interesting activities to do in Bali. It just depends on what kind activities you enjoy. If you are athletic and like water sports, go surfing! Bali is famous for its huge waves and good surfers. If you do not have the proper equipment there are many surf shops available that have every thing you could ever imagine. You have the choice of either buying or renting the equipment. There are even guided tours that will take people to surfing spots that canít be reached by land. You could also go diving in Bali and there are many shops that rent diving equipment. Some good diving sites including Tulambon, the site where the USAT liberty shipwrecked. There is also Candi Dasa which has relatively strong currents and is more suitable for experienced divers, but itís worth the visit!

Shopping, shopping, shopping. The mall rats will definitely love Bali too. Although there are malls one should try the street shops. A lot of great souvenirs and handicraft can be found, and theyíre CHEAP! Despite the many activities in Bali, a terrific way of spending your vacation is lolling around and relaxing!

There are many cultural and geological sites in Bali, and plentiful hotels. A hotel that is often recommended is Hotel Tjampuhan, which has two swimming pools. It is beautifully located in the mountain town Ubud, Southern Bali. A touristís site that is breathtaking is the volcano Gunung Batur. Gunung Batur is a crater of a huge volcano. Inside this crater there are three ďsmallĒ volcanoes that are still active. There is also a Hindu temple located at the slope of the crater, which is also something that has to be visited! One thing that is terrific about Gunung Batur is that itís actually chilly! So bring along a long sleeved shirt. Also try to catch some of Baliís cultural dances. They are unique and different but still beautiful and very glamorous. These are just a few of the sites in Bali and there is still much more to discover.

Bali is definitely one of the natural paradises on this earth. There are many sides to Bali, the thick crowds of people or the complete isolation from civilization. Let me just give everyone some advice. Go to Bali. It will be worth your stay!

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