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My Tioman
By M S Wong

I think the most interesting part of my journey was the bus ride to Mersing, Johor. Instead of taking the express bus, we settled on the old-fashioned route of the public bus that stopped at several locations before reaching our final destination. After countless scenic sights and bus gossips, we alighted at Mersing and made our way to Tioman Island.

It was to be our 4 days, 3 nights “honeymoon” and the five of us were determined to enjoy ourselves to the max. This beautiful island was like paradise to us.

My days were spent lazing around the beach... Half the time on the boat actually. It was my first snorkeling attempt and though I love the water, it took me numerous gulps of seawater before I became a ‘pro’ with the mask. The clear waters of Tioman showed me the most colorful fishes. My friend Seelia was even luckier. She saw a giant turtle swim by. What amazed me was the number of coral reefs found along the rocky bottom. They were beautiful in their different shapes and sizes, acting like colorful flowers amidst stones and rocks. Needless to say, I was entranced in a world of color, serenity and beauty. I was in my found Heaven.

If we weren’t splashing around the waters pretending to be mermaids, we were napping by the porch of our rented accommodation. It was pure relaxation with only food, the beach, and the sun as our companions. We need not mention the friendly, gorgeous divers, need we? :)

Our new found diver friends proved useful when they entertained us at night. They built for us our very own campfire and filled our ears with spooky ghost tales. Imagine the pitch-dark vast sky above us, the endless sea, and absolute silence except for the consistent rhythm of the waves crashing against the shore. We were past spooked; we were terrified! To compensate for our fear, we dragged them across the beach for a night walk. I strongly recommend this on your next visit to an island. It is a beautiful and refreshing experience not to be missed.

Not wanting to spoil the mood, our last night was spent sleeping on the beach itself. We gathered pillows and blankets and slept like babes under the starry sky. Don’t be deceived; we were bitten mercilessly by mosquitoes, but if you wrap yourself really well, your night will be justly rewarded. Fresh air and in tune with nature - it was a night worth sacrificing for.

We almost cried when we said our farewells on our last day. Numbers were exchanged and promises to return were made. Although we may not see these hunky divers again, we knew in our hearts that this was a memorable holiday. And I knew without a doubt that I would see the beaches of Tioman Island again.

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