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The Whale Watching
by Judy Woo

We boarded the boat from East Fremantle, Perth. The passengers were mainly students from Curtin University of Technology. It was a trip organized by the Residential Assistant of Erica Underwood House. There were about fifty of us on the trip.

The journey to the ‘whale-watching zone’ took about half an hour from East Fremantle. It was a relaxing time and the feeling of wind running through our hair was simply glorious. Upon arrival, we had to wait for about 15 minutes before we got our first glimpse of a whale. There were shouts of glee from everyone when the first whale appeared in the scene. Following that, we had to wait several minutes longer before the next whale appeared. By now, all of us were so excited, ‘clambering’ over one another in our haste to get a better view of the whales. There they are…wild whales in the ocean. Magnificent!

Initially, the whales didn’t look too comfortable at our presence but after some time, they got adjusted and that’s when the fun began. We saw baby and adult whales, talk about cute! As time goes by, more and more whales appeared. All of us went bonkers, rushing from one end of the boat to the other, trying to get the best shot at one of the whales. One girl nearly “joined the whales” for a swim in the ocean for everyone was pushing to get a better view. I took many pictures. I couldn’t resist it. The whales were simply gorgeous. There was so much excitement amongst us. Even the sailors were amazed at the number of whales sighted on that particular day. Certainly one of the best whale watching trip ever!

I guess the whales must be having a ‘whale’ of a time too (excuse the pun). They were just all over the place…err…water! Some even bumped onto each other. That was definitely funny and adorable. After about an hour of fun and excitement with God’s beautiful creation, we started for home.

Two thumbs up for the whales!

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