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Hong Kong is as vigorous in the night as it is in the day. After a long, hard day's work, residents venture into the bright psychedelic colored streets for a piece of the action in one of the many night-spots available. Western-style bars and discos are plenty with some attracting a mainly western clientele, while others a mix of locals and expatriates. Options range from British pubs and American bars to high-tech Japanese karaoke clubs and late-night Chinese dance clubs.

There are three districts in Hong Kong that are famous for their entertainment spots. The first is Central where most expatriates and trendy locals go to after work, especially in the areas of Lan Kwai Fong. The second is Wan Chai, which includes nearby Causeway Bay with its many bars and discos that open till dawn. The third is Tsim Tsa Tsui in Kowloon where there is a distinct difference between bars exclusively for locals and those that appeal more to tourists.

Karaoke and Live Music

The karaoke craze swept through Hong Kong like a storm, receiving ebullient response from both residents and tourists. Many bars and even restaurants have private rooms where groups get together to sing songs. Computerized video jukeboxes allow music videos to be screened on television and words to the songs are displayed at the bottom of the screen. These words are highlighted to prompt the singer. Some karaoke bars employ hostesses to sing together with the customers, who are usually rowdy groups of Asian businessmen. It is relatively expensive to enjoy a night out at one of these establishments.

Live music bands are also very popular in Hong Kong. The region has a mix of venues where you can tap into the sounds of yesterday and today. Sentimental piano tunes and euphonious lounge singers grace the city's hotels, Filipino bands jam the latest pop hits and local favorites, and Canto-pop performances by idols like Andy Lau and Faye Wong are among the few faddish highlights of live music in Hong Kong.

Nightclubs, pubs and bars

Clubs, pubs, and bars are abundant in Hong Kong. Central alone is considered the city's premier entertainment district and the center of after-hours fun on Hong Kong Island. These late night bars and dance clubs are the city's most hip and trendiest hang-outs where DJs spin the latest mixes. Some bars have a cover charge, which includes a complimentary drink, while others are generally walk-in clubs with no basic charges. When going into clubs, be sure to check for the age limits and restrictions of the establishment. With the myriad of clubs and bars available, it is always wise to pick one that suit your age and style. Some clubs are frequented by the younger generation while some are solely for the grand and exquisite elite.

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