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The harbor town of Aberdeen is accessible via Kennedy Town through the residential districts of Pok Fu Lam and Chi Fu Fa Yuen and past the Wah Fu Estate. Buses, taxis, and minibuses to Aberdeen from Queen's Road East in Central District are available.

In Aberdeen, huge numbers of floating vessels bob in the water along its shoreline. Some of these vessels are home to the remaining boat people in Hong Kong. These are fisherfolk who have dwelled on boats in local waters for thousands of years. Consisting of two main groups, the Tanka and the Hoklo, they have never really been accepted by other Chinese groups. However, the Hong Kong government has invited them to disband their boats and settle on land reclaimed by the harbor.

Visitors are often amused by the 30 minute ride through Aberdeen Harbour. It is a chance to enjoy the chaotic atmosphere, the incredible collection of sea life, and the dynamism of this city upon the water. They also delight in the many Chinese floating restaurants moored in the 'yacht basin' of Shumwan, which is across the Aberdeen Marina.

Tin Hau Temple

The temple was built in 1851 at a site with the best overview of Aberdeen. Throughout the year, the temple is rather desolated, except for the month of April, which is the deity's (Tin Hau) birthday. At that time, the temple is alive with ceremony. Tin Hau is the goddess of the sea and is well respected by the fisherfolk of Aberdeen. During the festival, many will gather with their brightly decorated boats on Aberdeen shores and lion dances are performed outside.

Ap Lei Chau

This island, which is linked by a bridge, is just two minutes away from Aberdeen. It houses Hong Kong's prolific boat-builders who make ferries, sloops, cruisers, speedboats, yachts, and steel lighters, as well as traditional sampans and junks. The island is also a huge residential complex popular among expatriates.

Ocean Park

One of Hong Kong's biggest tourist attractions is its world's largest oceanarium. Opened in 1977 at a cost of HK$150 million, the park is located on 170 acres of land and consists of two sections: a lowland site and a headland site. A 1.4km cable-car bridge connects the two. The park opens daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free.

The headland site is located at the end of the cable-car ride overlooking the South China Sea. On top is the Ocean Theatre, the largest marine mammal theater in the world, with a capacity of 4,000 people and a giant pool large enough for dolphins, killer whales, and occasional visiting diving shows. The Wave Cove nearby resembles a rocky coastline, with a wave-machine that can generate waves up to one meter high. Dolphins, sea lions, seals, penguins, and sea birds may be seen diving or skimming along the cove's surface.

Atoll Reef, the largest aquarium in the world has about 30,000 specimens of sea creatures and two million liters of seawater on three different levels of viewing galleries. The headland also features an amusement park with numerous rides, including The Dragon, which is one of the world's longest roller coasters at 840 meters. A new extension to the headland is the Film Fantasia, a high-tech theater containing 100 hydraulic seats that tilt forward, backward, left, and right to make you feel part of the space voyage or other action adventures shown on a large screen. The Ancient World is an adventure trail with unique lighting, spectacular sound effects, interactive displays, and artificial fog to recreate seven scenic zones of the primeval equatorial rain forests.

Next to the Ocean Park is the Water World, a water park that offers dozens of activities, including water slides and an artificial beach. It only opens from late April through October and is always packed.

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