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Lamma is Hong Kong third largest of the outlying islands. However, it is less well-known both to visitors and to Hong Kong residents. Measuring 13 sq. km, the island is lavished with beautiful green hills and attractive bays. Rocky and bare hilltops dominate the island's grassy lower slopes; thus only a very small area is devoted to farmland.

The main form of occupation here is fishing. Of the 8,000 people in Lamma, a minority is of European background who value the tranquility of the rural lifestyle in the area. Like Cheng Chau, Lamma island is free of the adversity of cars. A regular ferry service operates here, but has remained undiscovered, much to the joy of those who have moved out to the island's peaceful ambience.

Yung Shue Wan

At the northern end of Lamma is one of the two ferry gateways to the island, Yung Shue Wan. Its village is sought after by expatriates who wish to escape the bustle and stress of city life. There are a few restaurants, bars, shops, and fresh seafood stands available on this part of the island.

A main street past the village will take you to Lamma's countryside. Just after the town's main intersection is a Tin Hau Temple, dedicated to the goddess of the sea. A pair of stone lions guard this 100-year-old temple. The main shrine holds images of the beaded and veiled Tin Hau. The images are placed behind a red spirit stand with the purpose of deflecting evil spirits.

Hung Shing Ye Beach

Hung Shing Ye Beach is along the most popular, well maintained walkway in Lamma, which stretches past much of the island to Yung Shue Wan's sister village, Sok Kwu Wan. The beach is long and clean and a path adjacent to it leads up and down through hills and valleys. Hikers would love the spectacular views out across the sea to the soaring skyscraper edifices of Aberdeen and south of Hong Kong Island.

Sok Kwu Wan (Picnic Bay)

On the eastern shores lies Sok Kwu Wan, also known as Picnic Bay, which is the village nearest to Aberdeen. Picnic Bay is voluminous with floating fish and shrimp farms, all tended by fleets of assorted boats. Hong Kong attains most of its fresh seafood produce here. The village itself has its own delectable seafood restaurants, even more charming at night when each establishment is lighted up with bright neon lights. Furthermore, the aromatic smells of fresh-cooked fish, shrimp, lobster, and shellfish will surely entice any diner.

A favorite spot for hikers who crave for adventure is Mount Stenhouse, a peak that rises 353 meters from the head of Picnic Bay. Or take a half-hour walk to Lo So Shing Beach, which is nestled in a small cove on the other side of the island.

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