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We learned early that if you want to be the best at something, then you should not worry about the cost or the trouble. That is why our Certified Angus Beef is the most beautiful (and costly) in Hong Kong. Being extremely well fed, the Beef possesses excess fat. We trim all of this including gristle when possible on all our New York cuts, producing a steak that comes to you with an all meat content.

It may not be the best looking steak but it certainly is good eating and you have ounce for ounce satisfaction. The steak trim is our loss, not yours. Research conducted throughout the United States has shown that beef from cattle of Angus breeding is superior to beef from other breeds in the preferred palatability traits of tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

Our live Lobster and Oysters (flown into Hong Kong twice weekly) from the icy water off South Australia and America, are kept in our temperature controlled holding tanks, fresh and delicious to serve. Jumbo imported California Onion Rings come out of the fryers to your table with our special breading that gives the Onion Rings that puff Tempura appeal.

High Solids Russet Potatoes from Washington State, have less water content thus making for a fluffier and lighter Baked Potato. Coffee, Expresso and Capuccino by the cup are all individually ground and brewed using the finest Swiss equipment available. Or you might consider try our flavoured coffees from our 'Mocha' Cart.

So, perhaps you may begin to see that we really do things differently here. Have a pleasant and memorable evening of leisurely dining within our atmosphere.

Accept our offer of attentive service combined with gracious decor, good food and wines. May your evening spent with us be one of the good taste.



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