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Popular Places
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Central Honshu

Also known as Chubu in Japanese, central Japan stretches between Tokyo and Kyoto. The prefectures found in central Japan include Aichi-ken, Gifu-ken, Nagano-ken, Toyama-ken, Fukui-ken, and Ishikawa-ken.

In the north, rugged seascapes brought about by the coastal area along the Sea of Japan can be seen. Mountain ranges and the highlands of the Japan Alps dot the central area. Meanwhile, the southern Pacific coastal area is covered by industrialization and urbanization, and is also densely populated. Despite its misgivings, transport in the south is superb with Nagoya as the major transport hub and southern gateway to the region.

The JR Shin-etsu line is one of the most convenient lines to use as it links Tokyo with Nagano. The JR Takayama and JR Chuo lines facilitate the mountainous inland region, with Takayama in the west and Matsumoto in the east as the main transport centers and gateways. In the north, the JR Hokuriku line provides an extremely efficient link between the main transport centers of Kanazawa and Toyama. However, transportation outside the main cities of central Japan is rather limited between the months of November and May, with the exception of access to ski resorts.

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