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Special Interests
Sumo l Baseball l Martial Art


Golf is a very popular sport in Japan although it is not a cheap game to play. Public driving ranges are, however, available throughout the country. At these driving ranges, golf lovers will be able to practice at a much lower price than membership fees. The driving ranges are big constructions that are wrapped in huge green nets. These constructions can be seen almost everywhere, even in the city itself.


The professional soccer league in Japan is called the J-League, whose first season was held in 1993. Many European and South American football stars are employed to play for Japanese teams.

Although amateur soccer leagues do exist and are quite popular, it was the J-League that made soccer a popular sport in Japan.

Japan had participated in its first soccer world cup in France 1998, and the World Cup 2002 will be hosted by Japan and Korea.


As Japan is a densely populated and mountainous country, there are actually not many opportunities to enjoy kayaking or canoeing. In fact, most Japanese rivers are quite small and not very suitable for this sport.

However, kayaking and canoeing have started accumulating a group of enthusiasts. Japanese paddlers have begun visiting whiter water areas every weekend to enjoy the sport. During kayaking season, which is usually from April to June and October to December, enthusiasts would go almost every week.

There are four main white water areas, which can make quite good places to kayak. The Nagara River in central Japan, the Yura River, northwest of Honshu, the Kitayama River, and the Yoshino River, which happens to be the biggest dam in West Japan are examples of places where enthusiasts can go.

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