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Famous Korean Food l Types of Korean Food

Eating out is one of the greatest pleasures in visiting Korea. It is a country famous for its many native dishes. There is a wide variety of American, Continental, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants. Korean food is rich in nutrition and low in calories. It is said that you can eat as much Korean food as you like and never gain weight as they are generally made of a wide variety of vegetables. Seasonings include garlic, red peppers, scallions, soy sauce, fermented bean paste, ginger, and sesame oil.

Korean Table Manners

Traditionally, Korean food is not served in courses. Instead, it is all placed on the table at the same time. Food is eaten according to personal preference and not in a set order. The main dish is almost always accompanied by pap (rice), kuk (soup), kimch'i, and several side dishes. Koreans use the spoon for rice and soup, and the chopsticks for side dishes. Do not leave chopsticks inserted directly into the rice, as this is a ceremonial act performed in memorial services for the dead. Always wait for the oldest person present to begin eating and do not leave the table until the oldest person has finished.



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