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Special Interests


A popular sport in Korea, there are more than 90 excellent golf courses throughout the peninsula. The main golf courses are located near Seoul, Kyongju, and Chejudo Island. Other courses are situated within an hour's drive from major cities. In Korea, other facilities such as tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools, hotels, and youth hostels are often found together with golf courses.


Skiing in Korea has gained great popularity in the past several years. There are now 13 ski resorts, all within 4 to 5 hours of Seoul by car. Ski season usually starts in December and lasts until early March. The ski resorts in Korea have exquisitely groomed slopes, chair lifts, equipment rentals, and ski schools. All resorts also boast superb restaurants and entertainment, as well as excellent accommodations.

Water Sports

As Korea is a peninsula, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy water sports year-round. The Han-gang River in Seoul, the south coast of Korea, and Chejudo Island are some of the most popular places for water sports. June to November is the best time for water sports when both the water temperature and underwater scenery are at their best. Air tanks, weight belts, windsurfs, water-skis, boats, and other diving gear are available for rental. Classes can also be arranged.

Fishing can be enjoyed at many different locations throughout the year. Chejudo Island and Hallyosudo Waterway are considered prime angling areas for deep-sea fishing. There are also many fresh lakes and reservoirs that offer fishing spots. Many stocked reservoirs are located around major cities or tourist destinations.

Horse Race

There are currently 2 racetracks in Korea: Seoul Racetrack and Cheju Racetracks. The sound of galloping horses and cheering crowds will definitely make an exciting day.

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