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Events & Festivals 2000
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August (Dates to be confirmed)
Volleyball Grand Prix
Macau stages a section of the volleyball matches in the spacious Forum stadium with international teams battling to qualify for the finals.

August 6 (7th day of the Seventh Moon)
Feast of Maidens
Sometimes referred to as the Lovers' Festival, it falls on the seventh day of the seventh moon on the lunar calendar and has deep meaning for unmarried women. The festival celebrates the only day in the year when the legendary Heavenly Weaver can meet her lover, the Cowherd, over a bridge of birds spanning the Milky Way.

August 13
Feast of Hungry Ghosts
Appease the restless spirits by burning paper money and food offering by the roadsides for it is said that during this month, the ghosts are freed from the underworld and is free to roam the world every year for a lunar month. This festival also feature local celebrations such as Chinese opera.



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