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Senate Square (Largo Senado)

Largo Senado or Senate Square is a wave-like pavement that was created by Portuguese experts in a traditional style found in many parts of Southern Europe. The Square features a fountain in the shape of a sphere, along with monumental plants and benches. Vehicles are not allowed in the area, but bicycles and light vehicles are exempted.

Loyal Senate (Leal Senado)

The Leal Senado was built in 1583, and was the virtual government of Macau until 1833. At present, the Senate acts as a municipal government, which is in charge of parks, sanitation, markets, water, and other everyday necessities.

The Senate boasts of its fine architectural styles with an elegant whitewashed fašade, a stone staircase, an interior garden, and a spacious foyer. The previously abandoned foyer now houses a collection of paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Some of the old offices have also been transformed into an art gallery.

A library upstairs is filled with books, creating one of the world's best collections of literature - in English - on China. Works include scholarly tones, travel diaries, stories of missionaries and soldiers, bound copies of society journals, and historical romances. There is also a collection of newspapers published in Macau, which you can check for all that happened from the day you were born.

The library was constructed in the 1920s in emulation of the library of Coimbra University in Portugal. Its structure is dignified with carved teak paneling and graceful chandeliers. It is open Mondays to Saturdays from 1 to 7 p.m.

The Cathedral (SÚ)

The Cathedral stands on the site of several previous cathedrals. The original cathedral was the church of Our Lady of Hope of St. Lazarus, which was declared the mother church of the Macau Diocese, as well as the religious provinces of China, Japan, Korea, and other islands adjacent to China. It was rebuilt in 1937 due to a typhoon that destroyed the first stone cathedral in 1874. The Cathedral now comprises two solid towers and massive doors with exquisite stained-glass windows inside the monument.

Many major events of the church calendar are focused here, especially on Easter when there is a solemn parade on Good Friday and special masses on Easter Sunday. The procession of Our Lord of the Passion is also held here.

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