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Affectionately dubbed as the "Land of Natural Wonders and Friendly Hornbills", Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia spanning 124,000 sq. km. A land of many rivers, rolling terrain, and majestic mountains, Sarawak has also been described as a "Land of Superlatives". It has the country's longest river, the world's largest flower (the Rafflesia), the world's largest cave passage and natural chamber, and evidence of the earliest known existence of man in Southeast Asia. Complemented by the rich cultural heritage of the diverse ethnic communities of Sarawak as well as the many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, this state offers an unfailing appeal and challenge to those seeking thrill and adventure amidst nature!

Sarawak's history is one of heroic adventure and romance, piracy and rebellion. It is a story of brave tribal warriors intensely protective of their respective territories, engaging in fierce battles to protect their domains. It is the story of a young British, James Brooke, who had set off for the Far East in search of adventure. And as fate would have it, he ended up establishing a despotic, though benevolent rule over Sarawak for more than a century, and was known fondly by locals as the "White Raja". It is a story of a nation that saw itself make a sudden leap from being a small British colony for a brief period to being one of the more dynamic, progressive, and bustling business and tourist destinations in Asia Pacific.

Yet despite all the changes that it had undergone through the centuries, it has retained the qualities that never fail to charm and enchant those who chance a visit here. Its charming rustic riverine towns, historical sites and buildings speaks of its colorful and enchanted past while its charming people, who may have adopted modern lifestyles in the midst of modern amenities and conveniences, retain the much cherished qualities of warmth, hospitality and friendliness.

Getting There and Moving Around

By Air : Kuching is connected by air to a number of regional capitals like Singapore, Manila, and Hong Kong. Malaysia Airlines also operate daily flights from Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, regular flights connects Kuching to other major towns. Charter planes and helicopters are also available.

By Sea : Major ports are serviced by ships from the Peninsula although more catered for cargo purposes. Boats are a major form of transportation because of the states' vast network of rivers.

By Road : Car rental and taxi services are available in all major towns. However, visitors should note that the taxis are not operated by meters, thus a fare should be negotiated before embarking on your journey.

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