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Food is cheap in Myanmar. Previously, it was not easy to find good Burmese food in local restaurants, however, with better economic development; there have been more improvements in the availability and quality of Burmese cuisine. Other ethnic dishes such as Chinese and Indian foods are popular as well. But these only apply to larger cities and towns. You'll also find regional food at street and market stalls, but you must be careful with hygiene at these places. Burmese are lovers of snacks too, therefore you'll find plenty of street stalls selling snacks towards the evening.

Myanmar is also good for tropical fruits and if you are there at the correct time, you can even get delicious strawberries in Pyin U Lwin, Mandalay and Yangon. If you like avocados, you'll find them at the Inle area. There are great ice cream at Yangon and Mandalay. Again, do try to avoid the street vendors whenever possible, unless of course, if you have a strong stomach.

If you pay for your food using the free-market kyat, then you'll find that food is incredibly cheap. Kyat is accepted except perhaps at Yangon International Airport's snack bar and some of Yangon's biggest hotels.



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