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To enter Myanmar, you are required to have a valid passport with at least six months validity from the time of entry. If your passport is due to expire while you are in the country, do check before leaving your home country whether the embassy in Myanmar (if one is available) can issue a new one after arrival.


The local currency in Myanmar is the Kyat. Official exchange rate is 6.25 kyat = USD1. Free market rate is extremely high at 125 kyat. Foreigners or tourists who enter the country on their own (not by organized tour) are required to exchange USD300 into FEC 300 (Foreign Exchange Certificates) upon arrival at the airport. The value of the FEC is about the same as the US dollars at an approximate value of 5 - 10% less. These FEC are used to pay for officially approved hotel rooms, shops and restaurants. It is not common practice to accept credit cards. Only major banks will accept travelers' checks and other foreign currencies (besides USD). It is recommended to carry USD in small denominations.


The native's basic diet comprises of rice and curry with numerous forms of fish paste with salad. When soup is present, it is normally taken together with rice and other dishes. Chinese food is popular with almost every town sporting Chinese restaurants that are mainly into Cantonese and Fukinese dishes. Indian food is equally popular. If you are into European food, you will have to get them at major hotels. Remember to peel all fruits before consuming it and to cook all vegetables too. Tap water and ice should be strictly avoided.


Majority of the population (including non-Burman ethnic minorities) speaks the official Myanmar language. Besides, most of the linguistic groups are monosyllabic and polytonal, like those of Tibet and China. English is spoken as well but mainly amongst the educated group. Another substantial number of people speak Chinese as well.

Local Time

GMT +7 hours or +12 hours for EST (subtract 1 hour for daylight savings).


230V, 50 Hz

International Telephone Code


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