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Travel Tips

What to Wear

There are hardly any 'last minute' surprises that occur in New Zealand's rather timely seasons. During the summer (December - February), it is reasonable to bring light clothing (T-shirts and shorts), but carry along a few pieces of sweaters or wind-breakers for the cooler evenings or brisk days, especially for the regions south of the North Island. Beaches are always packed at this time. Nevertheless, always apply sunscreen lotion when out under the scorching sun, as too much exposure may lead to unintended harm.

It starts to get chilly in autumn, especially in the evenings, so sweaters and long pants are advisable.

Although winter days can get rather cold and rainy, medium-thick clothing would keep you warm enough if in the North Island. On some days, you may even spot people enjoying ice cream or wearing shorts out. However, bring more thick clothing for the South Island.

For ski lovers who intend to go up to the ski slopes, rental of proper ski suits, boots, and equipment are available.

Visas & Passports

Visitors to New Zealand have to hold passports that are valid for at least three months beyond the date the visitor intends to leave the country. Visa requirements vary, depending on nationality, purpose of visit, and length of stay. For information on working, studying or living in New Zealand and further visa enquiries, contact the New Zealand Immigration Service or embassy nearest to you.

Entry Formalities

There are three levels of control at all points of entry into New Zealand: immigration, customs, and agriculture. Visitors arriving here must complete an arrival card, which will be handed out on the aircraft.

At the immigration counter, present the card together with your passport and a valid visa if required. The NZ law prohibits the following classes of people from entering the country, either as tourists or immigrants regardless of nationality:

  • Those suffering from tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy, or any mental disorders.

  • Those convicted of an offence, which drew a sentence of imprisonment of over one year.

  • Those who have previously been deported from New Zealand.

Custom Allowances

Other than personal effects, visitors above the age of 17 years are allowed the following duty and tax free concessions:

  • Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco or 50 cigars or a mixture of all three not weighing more than 250g.

  • Alcoholic liquor - 4.5 liters of wine (this is equivalent to six 750ml bottles) and one 1125ml bottle of spirits or liqueur.

  • Goods up to a total combined value of NZ$700 are free of duty and tax, but goods in excess of this may attract both.

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