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Folk dancing and cinemas during the day, pubs and nightclubs during the night, entertainment wise, there is plenty to do in the Philippines. Manila, Philippine's entertainment hub is the place to be if fun is what you seek. This city offers a wide variety of entertainment to suit every taste, be it jazz clubs, discos, cinemas, theaters, casinos or a wide selection of bars and pubs. For the party animals and cultured mammals alike, the endless list of entertainment will leave you grinning from ear to ear.


In the Philippines, the movie industry continues to boom, as "movie going" is as popular as ever. This is probably because going to the movies is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment as tickets cost about P45. Apart from that, the increasing production of foreign film especially American films each year as well as the increasing popularity of American films among moviegoers in the Philippines has also attributed to the growth of the industry. American films with themes of romance, action-adventure and science fiction are hot favorites in the Philippines.

Tagalog cinema is also big in the country with the industry almost rivals that of Bombay or Bollywood. Most cinemas can be found in large shopping centers like Harrison Plaza, Araneta Center and Makati Commercial Center. Movie schedules are found in the daily papers. Do check the time of screening beforehand.

Theaters and Concerts

For those seeking cultural enjoyment, there is a regular performance of plays, ballets and concerts at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Most of the performances are a pleasure to watch as they cover musicals, comedies and classics as well as children's plays. Besides the Cultural Center of the Philippines, there are some other popular theaters namely the Meralco Theater, Metropolitan Theater, William J. Shaw Theater and Rajah Sulayman Theater.

As for the die-hard fans of Beethoven, Mozart or Bach, there are free open-air classical music concerts at Puerta Real, Rizal Park and Paco Park on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Jazz Clubs

Jazz clubs offer yet another form of entertainment for those seeking a more relaxed night out in this island republic. As the day give way to the night, the soothing sound of saxophone can be heard jazzing up the mood in jazz clubs in the city of Philippines, creating a somewhat, cozy ambience.

Appreciative jazz fans will be able to enjoy a nightly jazz performance from 6 to 11pm in the Lobby Court of the Philippine Plaza Hotel, Cultural Center Complex, Malate. Not only that, they can also catch regular Sunday evenings' performances in a few places like Clipper Lounge of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati Ave, Makati and in the Concourse Lounge of the Hotel Nikko Manila Garden, Makati Commercial Center, Makati.





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