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Health and Medical Services

When visiting the Philippines, it is necessary to have a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever for those coming from infected areas, except for children below 1 year old who may be subjected to isolation when necessary. Visitors are requested to check with their travel agents on this issue before departure as regulations may change without prior notice. As a precautionary measure, it is also advisable to take anti-malaria drugs when traveling in remote areas of the country.

Although it is generally safe to drink water in Metro Manila, however, it would be wise to consume mineral or bottled water which is easily available everywhere, especially when visiting the provinces.

When traveling in the Philippines, it is wise to buy medical insurance, as payment must usually be guaranteed before treatment. Listed below are names and addresses of major Manila hospitals:

Cardinal Santos Medical Center
Wilson Street, San Juan, Metro Manila.
Tel: 727-0001.

Makati Medical Center
2 Amorsolo corner de la Rosa streets,
Makati City, Metro Manila.
Tel: 815-9911.

Manila Doctor's Hospital
667 United Nations Avenue,
Ermita, Manila.
Tel: 524-3011.

St. Luke's Medical Center
279 Rodriguez Boulevard,
Quezon City, Metro Manila.
Tel: 723-0301.

Medical Center Manila
1122 General Luna Street,
Ermita, Manila City.
Tel: 523-8131.

The threat of malaria is present the whole year round below 600 meters or 2,000 ft. in altitude except in urban areas where the malevolent falciparum strain is present and believed to be highly resistant to chloroquine.

Besides malaria, there is also a risk of rabies. It is vital to seek immediate medical treatment if bitten by any animal. Visitors are advised against swimming in fresh water as the disease called Bilharzia (schistosomiasis) is present. However, it is quite safe to swim in swimming pools that are chlorinated.

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