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Hoary Basil

"Maeng-Lak" in Thai, hoary basil is an annual herbaceous plant with slightly hairy and pale green leaves, eaten either raw or used as a flavoring, and containing approximately 0.7% volatile oil. Therapeutic benefits include the alleviation of cough symptoms, and as diaphoretic and carminative agents.

Kaffir Lime

"Ma-krut" in Thai, the leaves, peels, and juices of the Kaffir Lime are used as a flavoring in Thai cuisine. The leaves and peel contain volatile oil. The major therapeutic benefit of the juice is as an appetizer.

Marsh Mint

"Sa-ra-nae" in Thai, the fresh leaves of this herbaceous plant are used as a flavoring and eaten raw in Thai cuisine. Volatile oil contents give the plant several therapeutic uses, including carminative, mild antiseptic, local anaesthetic, diaphoretic, and digestant properties.


"Phrik-Thai" in Thai, pepper is a branching, perennial climbing plant from whose fruiting spikes both white and black pepper are obtained. Used as a spice and condiment, pepper contains 2 to 4% volatile oil. Therapeutic uses are as carminative, antipyretic, diaphoretic, and diuretic agents.

Sacred Basil

"Ka-phrao" in Thai, Sacred Basil is an annual herbaceous plant that resembles Sweet Basil but has narrower and oftentimes reddish-purple leaves. The fresh leaves, which are used as a flavoring, contain approximately 0.5% volatile oil that exhibits antimicrobial activity, specifically as a carminative, diaphoretic, expectorant, and stomachic.

Sweet basil

"Ho-ra-pha" in Thai, Sweet Basil (common basil) is an annual nerbaceous plant, the fresh leaves of which are either eaten raw or used as a flavoring in Thai cooking. Volatile oil content varies according to different varieties. Therapeutic properties are as carminative, diaphoretic, expectorant, digestant, and stomachic agents.

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