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Formosan Naruwan
Formosan Naruwan Room
Formosan Naruwan Room
Formosan Naruwan Room
Formosan Naruwan Room
Formosan Naruwan Room
Formosan Naruwan Performance
Formosan Naruwan Dining
Formosan Naruwan
Formosan Naruwan
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66 Lien Hang Road Taitung Hsien 
   Hotel Overview
Overview - Formosan Naruwan

Naruwan is a greeting word which means “ How are you?” and “Welcome!” in Taiwan aboriginal language, just like “Aloha” in Hawaii. Name the hotel ‘Formosan Naruwan Hotel Taitung’, the hotel greeting all guests with the highest passion.

Taitung as the Native town of the sun makes sunshine as our greatest assets. At the initiative concept of designation, we took a ladder-shaped design and use great measure of glass to take in the brilliant sunshine and scenery; hence the similar pyramid building becomes a new landmark in Taitung.

Containing modern fashion and aboriginal culture, Formosan Naruwan Hotel Taitung is a genuine artwork. The four pillars in front of the facade are 9 meter height and the material is sandstone from ShanshiProvince of mainland China. On the pillars, it tells the history of Taiwan aboriginal tribes, Lu-Kai, Dao, Puyuma and Amis

   Location & Hotel Map
Location - Formosan Naruwan

Formosan Naruwan Location MapLocated at the center of Taitung, it takes 5 minutes only from Naruwan Hotel to the airport or train station. It is also convenient to every scenery site.

   Rooms & Accommodation
Accommodation - Formosan Naruwan

Rooms are most in medium sized, in standard condition vary with sea or moutain view. Generally decorated with simple and comfortable amenity. All equipped with :

  • Air Condition
  • Hairdryer
  • Non Smoking Guestrooms
  • Radio
  • Telephone / Direct Dial
  • Television
   Facilities & Services
Facilities - Formosan Naruwan

As soon as you enter into this hotel, we may see an exuberant green tropical lobby, this makes you become relax and easy immediately.

Artwork of Main Stairs
This unique combinatorial artwork tells the evolution stories of life. From B1 floor to the second floor, we see the swaying seaweed, freely swimming turtle, rolling on in waves, the calm sea level, flying sea gull, unhurried clouds.

Smoking Room
Expressing our respect to smokers, we offer a luxury smoking room. Mr. Davidoff Lin, Chairman of this hotel, displays his attentive collection sculpture of Takano, another aborigine artist. We can also have a glance at the admire between the artist and the collector from this exclusive smoking room.

Outdoor bath
The utmost pleasure is bathing under the clear sky. To satisfy your desire and imagination, the starry SPA is your best choice. The spacious rooms are composed by different stone material and designation. Rounded by romantic atmosphere, lovers enjoy their passion pleasure.

Naruwan Theatre
In Naruwan Theatre, we perform different tribe’s aboriginal dance ~ traditional dance of Amis and Puyuma, old folk songs of Pai-Wan tribe, “Warrior Dance” of Da-u people. The cheerful and interesting play make you have a happy time with us.

The theatre is performed on a daily base, evening 8:20 to 9 o’clock. All performed Aboriginal cloth, songs are introduced in detailed during the program.

Shopping Arcade
Like to see a distinguishing style shop? You would have a surprising experience in Naruwan Hotel! Different aboriginal style merchandise fills in the specious and bright shop. No matter what you want, from ancient to modern style, pearls and jewels, snacks or specialty of local, you may get satisfied here.

The Four Season, our buffet restaurant, offers western food by different food festival. Therefore you may also have fine meals during your vacation here. The Chef’salways create the most exquisite food so that the kitchen skill becomes fine art.

JadeGarden, located at second floor, is a sweet and warm Chinese restaurant. You may taste the homemade dish, Dim-Sum, aboriginal food or Chinese luxury dish in JadeGarden.

Lounge Cafe, no matter you take a la carte or afternoon tea buffet, the pleasing coffee and dessert are your best choice.

Salty Water Pool
This unique swimming pool devised with a salty water filter system, not only let you enjoy the outdoor swimming and bright sunshine but also take care of your skin and body. Especially the salty water also makes up your body’s need of mineral substance while you swimming in this pool. All you have to do is relax yourself in our leisure facilities.

*The images shown are for guidance purposes only.

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