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Popular Places
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New South Wales - Canberra

Parliament House

Situated at the apex of the Parliamentary Trianglel, Parliament House is the centre of Australian politics since 1901. Opened in 1988, the A$1.1 billion building is adorned with many art and craft works. The roof of the house is lined with grass to make it blend in. Inside the building, there are 4700 rooms. Visitors can wander around the public areas, including the House of Representatives Chamber and The Great Hall. There are free guided tours available on non-sitting days.

Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House was Australia's Federal Government first home since 1927. With its stunning, simple and functional design, the building is an excellent example of 1920s architecturel. Although the building was supposed to be a temporary structure, Parliament continued to sit here until 1988, when the new Parliament House opened on Capital Hill. Old Parliament House has become one of Canberra's best attractions. You can join the guided tours of the building and take a step back into history. There are also several exhibitions galleries on the main floor to be explored, including the National Portrait Gallery, where you can meet many of Australia's most famous faces. The surrounding rose gardens are a beautiful feature of the site and visitors can stroll through the gardens at any time of the year and experience the roses in full bloom from October to April.

Telstra Tower

Telstra Tower rises 195m above the summit of Black Mountain and provides 360 degree views of Canberra and the countryside around it. Opened in 1980, the tower is more than a landmark and viewing gallery. It has a functional role in providing essential telecommunications facilities for Canberra. Stunning views of the city can be seen from the two open viewing platforms. You can enjoy your meals at the revolving restaurant, or visit the exhibition gallery. In 1989 Telstra Tower was invited to join the World Federation of Great Towers, which includes such famous landmarks as the CN Tower in Toronto and the Empire State Building in New York.

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