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From Australia's sophisticated David Jones department stores to lively markets, shopping in Australia will bring you great experiences and souvenirs to memorialize each distinctive moment of your visit.

Try Australian homemade preserves using Australian native fruits, honey and tea, as well as the sticky, black sandwich spread Vegemite, which is a definite essential for breakfast or tea to Australians. Aussie designer fashion tends towards fashionable-casual but remains relaxed and comfortable. Well known brands include Country Road, Covers, Robert Burton, Carla Zampatti, Jag, and Adele Palmer.

You have seen so many cuddly and lovable animals of Australia and look to own one yourself. No worries, there are soft toys manufactured in the shape of your favorite animals such as koalas, kangaroos, platypuses and wombats available at most shopping sites. For gems and jewels collectors, opals are one of the best buys in Australia and they come in all forms. The world's largest diamond deposit is also here in Australia and the famous Argyle diamonds that are mined in the Kimberley will make a unique jewelry purchase. The Aboriginal culture is enriched and illustrated with many symbolic designs narrating Dreamtime legends. Boomerangs, scarves, clothing, and didgeridoos (traditional aboriginal musical instrument) all employ designs bearing distinctive aboriginal motifs.

Most stores accepts major credit cards, generally with a minimum purchase limit. The laws on consumer rights in Australia vary slightly from state to state. In the event where you need to query or complain, look under "Consumer" in the government section at the front of the White Pages telephone directory. Customers are usually entitled to a full refund should the goods purchase be defective. However, you may only get a credit note or a partial refund if you are not satisfied with the product you purchased. As a general rule, the larger or more established the store, the more protected you are.

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