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Popular Places
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East Tokyo

Visitors to Japan will probably see the eastern area of Tokyo before any other place. It is where the Narita Airport is located, and if visitors have extra time on their hands, it can make for an interesting place to visit.


Apart from exploring the airport, one can also visit the Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple. The main hall is a 1968 reconstruction although the temple was founded about 1000 years ago. The temple has remained an important center of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, and it still attracts as many as 10 million patrons a year.

There are several attractions around the airport area itself. The Museum of Aeronautical Sciences and the Chiba Prefectural Botanical Garden are worth visiting. Brochures recommending several other attractions are available at the airport and tours can also be conducted from the airport.

Various accommodations are available should you need to stay over in Narita. There are both Japanese-style inns, as well as high-class hotels within the vicinity. From Tokyo, visitors can take the Keisei train line, which starts from Ueno, to get to Narita. From Narita Airport, buses going to Narita station are available from bus gate No. 5.

Boso-Hanto Peninsula

Although the Boso-hanto Peninsula is not a popular visitation among tourists, it has become a favorite retreat among Tokyo residents. There are several beaches in the Boso-hanto and swimming takes over as the main attraction. Surfing also becomes a rage in the months of July and August, especially at Minami Chikura Beach and Setohama Beach. Shira-hama beach and Onjuku beach are also renowned for their women divers. Previously, these women divers would dive to the sea bottom in search of shellfish, seaweed, and the like. Today, however, they have become another attraction in the Peninsula.

There are many youth hostels available throughout the Peninsula; hence accommodation should not be a problem here. To get to the Peninsula, take the JR Sotobo line, which runs from Tokyo to the Peninsula's eastern border. Or take the JR Uchibo line, which runs to the Peninsula's western border. Traveling within the Peninsula should also pose no problems as JR trains, along with a good network of local buses, service most of the beaches.

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