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Kyongju Folk Arts & Craft Village

Reproductions of earthen burial figures, filigree works, wooden and pottery handicraft items can be found in the arts and craft village.

Pusan Kukche Market

Located in Pusan, visitors can find virtually every type of product imaginable here.

Cheju Tongmun Market

Visitors to Cheju Tongmun Market can find items such as folk articles, marine products, and tropical fruits.

Kumsan Ginseng Market

Korea boasts the finest ginseng in East Asia. At the Kumsan Ginseng Market, which is located in the province of Ch'ungch'ongnam-do, visitors will be able to find a variety of the finest ginseng.

Hansan Ramie Market

Ramie fabric was introduced to Korea in the 5th Century and has long been treasured by Korean women. Its excellent texture, porosity, and snow-white color make ramie fabric perfect for summer clothing. The Hansan Ramie Market is one of the best places to buy ramie cloth. It is located in the province of Ch'ungch'ongnam-do.

Namwon Market

Located in the province of Chollabuk-do, the Namwon Market has a variety of wooden ware, brassware, fans, and hanji (traditional paper).

Kwangbok-dong & Namp'odong

Both Kwangbok-dong and Namp'odong are fashion streets located approximately 2.5km from the Pusan Railroad Station. In a way, the streets are like Myong-dong and It'aewon in Seoul.

Iri Precious Stones and Metals Sales center

Like its name, this place sells precious stones such as amethyst, as well as other kinds of jewelry. The Iri Precious Stones and Metals Sales Center is located in the province of Chollabuk-do.

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