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Shopping Area in Seoul


A first rate shopping and entertainment area, Myong-dong is noted for its eating, drinking, and entertainment establishments frequented by people of all ages. Located in downtown Seoul, there are four major department stores staffed by clerks who can speak either English or Japanese. Many of the top city's stores line the narrow alleys of Myong-dong. Major fashion designers also have boutiques here and foreign brand name products and shoe stores can be found in abundance. Financial institutions such as banks and investment companies are also located along Myong-dong.

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market is named after Namdaemun Gate (currently called Sungnyemun), Korea's first national treasure. The gate and the market are only a short-distance from Myong-dong and are easily accessible from the major hotels. Namdaemun Market is popular among both local residents and visitors for its bargains in anything-from clothes to foodstuffs. Its crowded streets are lined with tiny shops that sell virtually everything imaginable.

Tongdaemun Market

The largest and most colorful market in Korea, Tongdaemun Market bustles with bargain shoppers. The huge public market offers a variety of bargains in everything. It also has the largest silk selection in Korea.


Insa-dong is a narrow street lined with antique stores, art galleries and secondhand bookstores. Dubbed "Mary's Alley" by foreign residents of Seoul, Insa-dong is the most reliable place in the city to purchase antiques and reproductions, especially on the different types of Choson Dynasty chests. There are also bargains on calligraphy, paintings, and a wide variety of implements and articles from Korea's past. Traditional teahouses and art galleries are also concentrated in this area.

Chang-anp'yon Antique Market

Chang-anp'yong Antique Market has an enormous variety of items ranging from old to new artifacts. All are sold at reasonable prices. Popular items include paintings, calligraphy, old chests, stone and ceramic artifacts.

Hwanghak-dong Flea Market

Second-hand articles such as grindstones, stoves, televisions, video recorders, compact discs, clothing, and shoes are sold in the Hwanghak-dong Flea Market.


It'aewon is a popular spot for bargain shoppers and entertainment seekers. It is largely responsible for Seoul's reputation as a shopper's paradise. The area's main street runs for more than a mile long and is lined with boutiques and stores. They sell items such as tailor and ready-made suits, leather and eel skin goods, shoes, brassware, and jewelry. Numerous antique shops, as well as shops specializing in Korean art and calligraphy are also located in It'aewon.


One of the most famous shopping streets in Seoul, Shinch'on is located between two of the most prestigious universities in Korea. The streets are filled with youths wearing the latest fashions. Radical and conservative styles coexist side-by-side. Visitors will be able to enjoy the numerous shops, coffee lounges, restaurants, and nightclubs while mingling with Korea's new generation.

Yongsan Electronics Market

Yongsan Electronics Market is the largest electronics market in Asia. Specializing in electric and electronic goods, the market has approximately 5,000 stores housed in 22 buildings. These shops sell virtually every kind of electrical product at 30% lower than other markets. With the advancement of computers, Yongsan Electronics Market has gained popularity as a great new shopping area in Seoul.

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