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Endau Rompin l Kinabalu l Sarawak Parks l Taman Negara


Located on the Johor-Pahang border, this 2-century-old extensive lowland forest is home to several rare and endangered species. This park is popular with conservationists and nature lovers who enjoy the wildlife and virgin environment.

Endau-Rompin National Park is made up of a lush, pristine tropical rainforest. Covering an area of 48,905 hectares (800 sq. km), it is the second largest national park in the Peninsula after Taman Negara. With rock formations dating back some 248 million years, Endau-Rompin is mostly hilly with some prominent sandstone plateau. It also happens to be the watershed of several rivers such as Endau River, Selai River, and Jasin River.

As the forest had only recently been established, access to it is quite difficult and entry to the park requires a special permit from the National Park (Johor) Corporation, which only entertains requests for research and fishing limited to designated areas only. However, it would be well worth the effort in attaining a permit to this park as it is the home and sanctuary of the largest population of the rare Sumatran rhinoceros. The spectacular Livistona Endauensis fan palms can also be found here.

There are two entry points to the park, Kampung Peta and Nitar. The former is located 56km from Pahang The visitor would have to traverse through rubber and oil palm plantations, as well as dense jungle along dirt tracks to the base camp. From Nitar, a Felda Plantation scheme, the park can be reached after an 8 hour boat ride along the Endau River. Kampung Peta is also the most remote Orang Asli (aboriginal) settlement in Johor.

Part of Endau-Rompin's attraction is that the park is intrinsically tied up with numerous legends and myths handed down through the years. One such legend is that of Upih Guling, which is located midway to the Buaya Sangkut waterfalls.

Getting There & Accommodation

It is best to contact your travel agent for guided tours of Endau-Rompin, as the area is largely underdeveloped and infrastructure is minimal. Entry permits are a must and visitors will have to provide two passport sized photographs and a photocopy of their identity card or passport. Endau-Rompin is accessible by road from KL and Singapore but it is advisable to use 4WD. It takes 5 hours from KL. Your travel agent will be able to provide further details as to the itinerary of your tour. The tour will typically include all meals, accommodation, and transport to and from Endau-Rompin, as well as transport within the park.

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