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Perhaps the Filipinos' sweet and friendly nature is highly influenced by their love for sweet things such as desserts. With a culture as varied as the Filipinos, this advantage allows for an offering of a colorful fare of many Filipino desserts that appear in various shapes and sizes. Just one look at some of their mouth-watering and tempting desserts can have a mindless effect on your taste buds. Among the many popular Filipino desserts are bibingka, guinatan, halo-halo, sago at nata de coco and kutsinta.


Puddings are big in the Philippines. Bibingka, a popular dessert of pudding is made of ground rice, sugar and coconut milk. This pudding is baked in a clay oven and topped with fresh, salted duck eggs.


Another popular pudding found on this island nation appears in the form of guinatan or cocoa pudding, served with lashings of deliciously sinful coconut cream.


Halo-halo or literally mix-mix is actually an exotic fruit mix that is similar to Malaysia's 'ice kacang'. This delightful fare, featuring exotic fruits and vegetables come colorfully stacked under shaved ice. Due to its popularity in the country, this dish is known as the 'Queen of Desserts'.

Sago at Nata de Coco

Sago at Nata de Coco is yet another traditional dessert favored by many Filipinos. This dessert is actually a colorful blend of sago and coconut gelatin or nata de coco served cold in a glass.


Kutsinta or brown rice cake is a favorite snack among the locals. This rice cake made of rice flour and brown sugar is delicious, especially when served with freshly grated coconut.

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