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National Dishes

For a country comprising of over 7,000 islands, there are just a handful of 'national' dishes found in the Philippines' common menu. These 'national' dishes include adobo, lumpia, sinigang, bistek and lechon among others.


Adobo is made from chicken, pork, squid (pusit) or vegetables stewed in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, peppercorns and bay leaf. It is believed that this dish was derived, and then, Filipinized from the Spanish adobado, a more complicated preparation soaked in garlic and oil.


Lumpia or better known as spring rolls in English is filled with vegetables and meat. This dish tastes great when served with soy sauce, vinegar or a slightly sweet sauce.


The lightly boiled, slightly sour soup known as sinigang makes a delightful dish when served with rice. This soup is cooked using souring agents like unripe guavas, tamarind leaves and flowers, kamias and tomatoes. There are different varieties of sinigang such as sinigang na isda (sour vegetable soup with fish) and sinigang na baboy (sour vegetable soup with pork).


Another popular national cuisine of the Philippines is the bistek or beef and onion rings braised in soy sauce. This dish is what one would call beef steak, Filipino-style - reinvented with an Asian touch of soy sauce.


Finally, there's lechon (litson), an important dish at many fiesta occasions. Lechon is a suckling pig, slowly roasted over live coals to make it crispy and tasty. This dish is often served with a thick liver sauce, simmered with vinegar, sugar and herbs.

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