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Popular Places
Luzon Mindanao Palawan Visayas


Mindanao together with Sulu forms the second largest island group, which is at the southernmost of the country's 11 main islands. Oddly shaped, Mindanao's landscape is dominated by mountain chains running from north to south. Containing about 80% of the country's iron reserves, Mindanao is one of the richest islands in the Philippines. In the agriculture industry, over half of the country's pineapple, corn, coffee, copra, cocoa and abaca (hemp) is produced by the island of Mindanao. Apart from being one of the richest islands in terms of natural resources, Mindanao is also rich in offering many attractive tourist spots such as Davao and Cagayan de Oro.


Known as the window to the island of Mindanao, Davao is a province that has much to offer visitors. A province bursting with life and vibrant color, Davao has been named one of the "25 best destinations" by the Philippine Tourism Board. Marked with rolling hills and fertile valleys, it is not unusual that this predominantly mountainous region is home to a fantastic species of flora and fauna. Thanks to Mother Nature, Davao is safe from typhoon which is also an important factor contributing to the marvelous blossoming of nature.

Due to its rich texture of culture, history and tradition, Davao has become one of the most enchanting and popular destinations among tourists. In this province of diversity, one can witness Bagobos and Mandayas in full regalia or beautiful Muslim girls dressed in colorful malongs (fabric).

Blessed with 244,000 hectare of land, Davao City, probably the world's biggest city is also a city of growth. A city bustling with many financial activities, Davao can easily experience an amazing growth.

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro, the capital of Misamis Oriental Province is a developing commercial and pleasure as well as educational center. Cradled between the gentle waters of Macabalan Bay and the ancient mountains of Mindanao's interior, this old coastal settlement is the normal jumping-off point for the start of an exciting adventure in northern Mindanao.

Bisected by the Cagayan River, the large city of Cagayan de Oro boasts countless banks, shopping malls and government offices. Many years ago, the Spanish colonists added the words' De Oro' meaning 'of gold' to the name Cagayan. Although the Spanish were referring to the specks of gold they had discovered in the Cagayan River in those days, however, today, the terms have come to describe the 'golden friendship' offered by an old-fashioned city that is popular for its hospitality and warm people.

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