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Popular Places
Luzon Mindanao Palawan Visayas

The Visayas

Perhaps, the most popularly known islands for travelers to the Philippines is the Visayas. This tightly packed island group is made up of seven major islands namely Negros, Panay, Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Samar and Masbate. Tourists often flock to Cebu and the northwest tip of Panay, the little island called Boracay and thus making these two places the most visited islands in the Visayas.


Cebu, the oldest city in the island republic is also the commercial and education center of the Visayas as well as the hub of air and sea travel throughout the South. In a city amidst overwhelming industrial growth, the unique blend of ancestral heritage and modern business environment have propelled Cebu to international recognition. Standing as the country's top business and tourist destination, it hardly comes as a surprise that Cebu has been crowned as the Queen City of the South. Be it business or pleasure, visitors will find contentment in the office buildings and beach resorts in Cebu.

Surrounded by a colorful past, Cebu offers visitors plenty to see. In this old city, one can find Colon Street, the oldest street in the Philippines that houses malls, office buildings, museums, theaters and monuments. Apart from that, the oldest fortress in the country which is Fort Santiago Pedro, the Liloan Lighthouse and Bantayan sa Hari can also be found in Cebu.

Moving away from the increasing sophistication of the city, Cebu also features many pristine rainforests that have become a haven for wildlife and of course, the ideal place for a perfect picnic. Among the more popular spots are the 15,393-hectare Central Cebu National Park, the Cawasan Falls, the 696-hectare Sudlon National Park as well as the Balok-Balok Mineral Springs.


Boracay, an island in the northwest tip of Panay is a paradise for many sun-worshippers from all over the world. Shaped like a slender butterfly, Boracay is sheltered from the fierce easterly typhoons. Blessed with all the elements of a tropical paradise, the thousand-hectare area of Boracay is laced with tropical palms and flowering plants, sugar-fine white sand and crystal blue waters swimming with exotic marine life.

Although Boracay used to be the country's best kept secret, nevertheless, it is now a melting pot for many beach lovers and sun-worshippers as words spread like wildfire about this paradise on earth. Apart from the beautiful scenery, Boracay also offers great dining with a diversity of culinary fare from the native cuisine to French, Spanish and Italian, just to name a few. Accompanying the delectable cuisine is the famous array of fruit juices like green tart mango, coconut milk and sweet yellow mango which is worth a try.

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