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Taiwan's northern regions offer splendid sights and attractions with its awe inspiring mountains, waterfalls, volcanic pasts, beaches, paddy fields, villages, and temples.

Window On China

A main attraction situated south of Taipei is Window on China. This is a miniature site of mainland China and Taiwan. Lilliputian buildings and temples of both countries have been assembled here. There is in total 130 buildings on a 1:25 scale, and to make it realistic, 50,000 miniature individuals occupy this minute buildings. Recently, a new section has been added featuring famous buildings from all over the world.

Window on China is one of the best attractions of Taiwan, and one of the best places to study Chinese architecture, as little travel is needed to make comparisons of different buildings. Restaurants are available here and visitors can also step into the Taiwan Folk Arts Theater next to the site.

Goddess of Mercy Mountain, Keelung

Being in the northern coast, you should not miss visiting the 475m high Goddess of Mercy Mountain at Keelung. There stands the sacred Buddhist deity, Kuanyin, posing at 72ft in height. A climb up to the mountain peak will be rewarding as breathtaking views of the island's northern coastline and of the Taiwan Strait awaits you. Inside the Kuanyin statue, visitors will be able to catch a scenic vista of the Keelung harbor.

To get to the mountain, simply take a taxi or try the bus services from Taipei. The foot of the mountain where visitors start their climb is at a small town. Along the lower slopes, there are planting of teas, bamboos, and tangerines, and halfway up the mountain lies two other Buddhist temples.


Tanshui is a town at the end of the North Coast Highway that is opulent with history. This town was the main point of contact between the Chinese and foreign traders during the glory days of the island's major port in the 19th Century. A fort named San Domingo, built by the Spanish who dwelled in Keelung in 1629, is part of the historical heritage that remains in the area. Beside the Spanish fort lies a British fort built in 1876.

Taiwan repossessed the site when the British closed down in 1972. Residuum of the aged-old fort has now become displays in the fort-turned-museum. Tanshui was a favorite place for foreigners. Apart from the Spanish and British, the Dutch, French, and Japanese also claimed a share of this small town. While the Dutch and French left without much belongings remaining, the Japanese built the island's first golf course, which is now known as the Taiwan Golf and Country Club. As golf is a popular sport in Taiwan, this club has maintained its notoriety among visitors and residents alike.

Although Tanshui may not be a prospective metropolis due to its narrow streets, quaint shops, and conservative population, its biggest draw is its fresh seafood. The main form of occupation here is fishing, as the town is located at the junction of the Tanshui River and the Taiwan Strait. Plenty of seafood stalls and restaurants serve fresh delicacies to the liking of their customers. And what better way to end a meal but by experiencing the beauty of the sunset.

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