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Flores de Mayo-Santacruzan

The first of May celebrates yet another important day of religious significance for the Filipinos. May is a month of flowers, young girls in pretty white dresses and the Santacruzan, Queen of Heaven and of the Philippine festivals.

This month-long festival is celebrated in honor of the Virgin Mary and is surrounded by ilang-ilang, hibiscus and sampaguitas. This vibrant event, celebrated throughout the country involves the decoration of the statues of Mary with flowers by dainty maidens in white dresses.

The fiesta ends with a romantic note on the last Sunday of May as a glittering display of crowns and costumes as well as the coming out of females who have reached puberty, grace the parade.

Flores de Mayo-Santacruzan, also a puberty rite leading young girls into adulthood and young boys to their circumcision is the final celebration before the monsoon rains of June.

Carabao Festival

Carabao Festival is a two-day celebration that takes places on 14 and 15 May in Pulilan (Bulacan Province), San Isidro (Nueva Ecija Province) and Angono (Rizal Province). This event is celebrated in honor of San Isidro, the farmer's patron saint. During this festival, on the afternoon of 14 May, decorated water buffaloes are led by farmers in a long procession to the church square whereby they kneel and receive their blessings. On 15 May, which is the next day, the water buffalo races will take place.

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