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Appey is a thanksgiving festival of the Bontoc. This three-day celebration involves the slaughtering of numerous chickens and pigs as offerings in thanksgiving for a bounteous harvest.

Black Nazarene Procession

The Black Nazarene Procession, probably known as the largest procession of the country takes place on 9 January each year. This procession starts early in the afternoon at the Quiapo Church in Quiapo. On this day, thousands of Catholics flock the streets in this part of Manila to catch a glimpse of the 'Black Nazarene'; a life-size statue of Christ carved from blackwood as it is being carried through town.


Ati-Atihan, a festival that takes place in Kalibo, Panay happens to be the most famous festival in the Philippines held on the 3rd weekend of January. Ati-Atihan means 'making like Atis' - the black Negrito aborigines, original settlers of Panay. This fiesta goes way back to the year 1212, when 10 Bornean families fled religious tyranny, sailing northwards to Panay. In Panay, the inhabitants called Ati allowed the Borneans to settle on a piece of land. To show their appreciation, the Bornean immigrants threw a lavish fiesta for their Ati neighbors. During this event, the newly arrived settlers blackened their faces and enlivened up the festival with cymbals, gongs as well as dances in merry imitation of the local Atis. It was not until years later when the Borneans defeated Muslim attackers that the figure of Santo Nino, the child Jesus, was introduced.

Ati-Atihan is a spectacular festival when the towns dances, sings and play drums for 3 days. This 'round the clock' festival of madcap fun shows thousands of people outrageously costumed and masked while a lengthy procession of thrilled participants joins in the festivities.

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